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Transfer domestic (Germany)

There are no special requirements for the transport of human remains within Germany. The deceased person can be transported in a regular wooden casket which can also be used for the funeral.

For the retrieval of the deceased for a burial in Berlin or Brandenburg we normally employ a special transport casket which allows us to more easily prepare and dress the deceased person prior to the funeral ceremonies.

We are handling all necessary paperwork for the burial according to state/provincial laws. We obtain the certificate of death. We can inform the municipal authority, insurances, social pensions and additional supplies or company pensions.

For a transport and burial we require the following documents from you:

Required documents

We provide a selection of coffins, urns, funeral blankets and clothing in various versions and prices for you. The spectrum ranges from the simple cremation casket to the heavy oak sarcophagus. Caskets in modern design are available as well. All articles comply with applicable laws and are environmentally friendly.

We offer detailed expert advice from experienced funeral directors and individual care in the family business.

We provide funeral services an ceremonies at all graveyard chapels, churches or crematoriums. Own ceremony hall for last viewing or funeral services.

We also arrange cremations or burials without a funeral service and burials in anonymous graves.

To receive a cost estimate please provide us with the necessary information by filling out the contact form.

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