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Foreign transfer.

Transporting a deceased person from Germany to another country falls under the regulations of the "Berliner Abkommen" (Berlin accord) which for example stipulates the required documents and governs the characteristics of the casket used for this purpose.
In addition the destination country may add further requirements. Even though only a small number of countries have entered into the Berliner Abkommen most countries have modeled their regulations after it – often with only minor differences such as additional required documents. These standards are not even uniformly applied within the EU.

All documents are required to be translated by a sworn translator. Some consulates will provide translation and authentication services for these documents. Certificate of death and corpse transport permit are international documents but even those may need to be translated if they do not contain the local language already.

Most countries will require an authentication or an apostil for the certificates and documents that were issued by the german authorities. Some countries will not recognize the german apostils but will instead require additional authentications from their respective consulates as well as issue their own certificate of death and permits for the „import“ of a casket.

We will handle all formalities for you and obtain all documents, translations, authentications and permits for the transport.
A coffin or transport-casket with a zinc inlay is required. For a transport by airplane the airline will additionally demand a neutral packaging. The destination country may also require the embalming of the remains. If required or wished we can conduct the embalming and cosmetic enhancement of the deceased according to regulations.

A transport casket will need to be replaced with a coffin according to local customs prior to the funeral. A regular coffin used for transport can directly be used in a funeral after removal of the zinc cover.

Not all airports have a direct connection from Berlin and not all airplanes have the capabilities to transport a casket. Our air cargo partner will find the most convenient and low priced connection and handles booking and check in.

You can use the contact form below to provide necessary data and we will contact you with an offer. Alternatively you can reach us by phone.

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